Shattered Globe announces 17th-annual season

Shattered Globe Theatre’s 2007-2008 Productions

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Shattered Globe ensemble member Kevin Hagan, running September 16 – October 27, 2007

Featuring ensemble members Brian McCaskill, Eileen Niccolai and Linda Reiter

            In SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER, Williams’ 1958 drama, a prominent New Orleans family gathers to contend with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the loss of one of their own. In the wildly overgrown garden of a New Orleans mansion, a family seeks the truth about the life and death of one of their own. After Sebastian Venable’s mysterious death abroad, his mother Violet calls on her niece Catharine—the family misfit and sole witness to the incident—to reveal what happened that day. Catharine, who seemed to go insane following the death of her cousin, has been institutionalized since her return for insisting on a version of events so horrific that it can’t possibly be true. Set on preserving Sebastian’s memory—and erasing her own role in the unspeakable acts that led to his demise—Mrs. Venable will go to any length to discredit Catharine’s account. But when Catharine is put under the influence of truth serum, everyone must come to terms the reality of the long-buried secrets that are finally brought to light.


Directed by Louis Contey, running January 13 –March 8, 2008

Featuring ensemble members Maury Cooper

In the 1956 drama REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT—also produced as a Peabody-Award-winning 1957 teleplay and a 1962 film— washed-up prizefighter Harlan Mountain McClintock faces the sudden end of his career. Having spent 14 years in the ring, Mountain faces the prospect of a life that does not include boxing and discovers that the skills that almost made him a champion don’t count for much in the wider world. Mountain is torn between the possibility of new love and a promising future offered by social worker Grace, and loyalty to his self-serving manager Maish, who wants to exploit the fighter on the lucrative professional wrestling circuit. Widely regarded as one of the greatest sports dramas of all time, REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT is a gut-wrenching account of the merciless prizefight game and the human wreckage it leaves in its wake. 


by Shelagh Delaney

Directed by Dado, running May 18 – July 5, 2008 

Set in 1950s Manchester England, Delaney’s poignant and comic play tells the story of Jo, a shy adolescent chafing against the constraints of her working class life and the demands of her selfish, irresponsible mother Helen. When Helen abandons Jo to take up with a much younger man, Jo falls prey to the advances of an itinerant sailor and is left pregnant and alone. Determined not to be undone by her difficult circumstances, she creates her own sort of family with gay art student Geoffrey, who moves into Jo’s flat to help her prepare for the birth of her baby. The two settle into tentative peace and happiness—until Helen’s unexpected reappearance threatens to throw Jo’s life back into upheaval.  Grammar school dropout Shelagh Delaney was only 17 years old when she started writing her first play, A TASTE OF HONEY, a work that would propel her to literary superstardom by the time she reached her twenties.