High School productions of “Sweeney Todd”?

I came across these 2 clips of high school advertisements for their productions of “Sweeney Todd“.  I would have never thought such a difficult show could be pulled off by teenagers; not to mention the subject matter.  Bet the right-wing theatre-goers loved this one!  Anyway, whether or not the actual productions were worth seeing or not, the trailers are fun.

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  2. I was in the first one.
    It was a nine month preparation process and it was very money and time consuming but we pulled it off.
    I don’t care if I sound cocky when I say our production was fantastic because it was run so professionally. The leads in our production were particularly impressive.
    Hope that answers your question.

  3. Wow, 9 months of rehearsal. That takes dedication and passion. I’m sure after such a long time you had the songs indented into your head.

    That’s amazing that you were able to pull off such a difficult (musically and acting-wise) show. I believe musically it is Sondheim’s most demanding composition, so I’m impressed that your production was so successful.

    So how did you work the bloody scenes? When I did the show we had the razor that you could order that stored the blood inside of it. I’ve also seen a version where they put little “blood bags” in their hands, and then when slicing the throat, popped the bag so that blood squirted everywhere. Very dramatic, to say the least (and messy).

    Thanks for filling me in about your show, and good luck with any other theater projects you’re involved in!

    Scotty Z

  4. After the long rehearsal period, we definitely had the songs torturing us in our sleep. However, it was worth it to say the least. Our director, Fiona Perry, made it a lot easier to deal with the difficult acting and our Vocal Director, Rachel Cairns, was excellent in helping us conquer the challenging vocals. With the bloody scenes, we had blood capsules. After their final line, the characters would slip a blood capsule into their mouth and as Sweeney would slit their throat, it would melt. The blood would then seep down their front as they pretended to choke. It was very effective. We also used these in the scene where Fogg is killed. We had excellent props staff who handled the capsules and filled them.

  5. It was absolutely marvellous! We travelled up to North Queensland from Brisbane to do the ‘supportive family’ thing (our nephew was Sweeney Todd) and thought we might just enjoy it as well but it exceeded all of my expectations. I went for two of the nights and could well have sat through them all if I’d have but known. There was so much talent in that cast – all of them – and the production was great. It’s just a shame that, due to copyright restrictions we weren’t able to have a copy of the show on DVD because I could have watched it numerous times.
    I recently went to see the Johnny Depp version at the movies and I’ve got to say that those school students more than held their own.

  6. And you thought the acting was hard. You should have seen the musical score for the thing. It was like, massive. The music was hard and confusing but I guess it’s better to have a live orchestra.

  7. I think the production of hs north could of actually had some singing. George Hearn and Johnny Deep were the best Sweeny Todd

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