It’s official – “Meet Me in St. Louis” is a triumph!



The reviews are in for “Meet Me in St. Louis” at Drury Lane Oakbrook, and they are almost across-the-board exemplary.  Here’s just a few excerpts:

Tom Williams at

Meet Me in St. Louis is a family friendly musical that contains all the sweetness and charm of those early days in America in the 20th-Centruy before all the modern trauma hit.  Those innocent days are chrished.  Kudos for Drury Lane Oakbrook Theatre for offering such a polished preoduction as Meet Me in St. Louis. This is a terrific show to get children and teens interested in musical theatre.  And the price is right.   Highly Recommended

And Hedy Weiss over at the Sun-Times relays:

With its altogether blissful revival of “Meet Me in St. Louis,” the Drury Lane Oakbrook Theatre has finally entered the top ranks of musical theater production in the Chicago area. Exquisitely cast, magnificently designed and ideally staged by Jim Corti (who has brought music director Margaret James and her band onstage, fully costumed, to become part of the story), this show is the very model of how to give fresh life to an old chestnut.

Fast, funny and engaging from first silhouetted tableau to last trolley ride, “St. Louis” has never looked better.   Highly Recommended   (read entire review here)

Check out some great excerpt videos from the show at

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