Theatre Thursday – “Shining City” at the Goodman

“Shining City” at the Goodman TheatreThe League of Chicago Theatre’s “Theater Thursdays” is really a great program, and is worth checking out.  Every Thursday the League offers specially-priced tickets to one of Chicago’s popular plays, along with cocktails and appetizers before or after the show, PLUS the chance to hang out with the artists and/or take a tour of backstage, etc.  

This week’s choice pick is “Shining City” at the Goodman Theatre, written by playwright Conor McPherson and directed by Robert Falls.  As the League’s website describes it:

In a Dublin psychiatrist’s office, a distraught man reveals a fantastical happening: the recent sighting of the ghost of his newly deceased wife. Thus begins this haunting, mysterious tale about two people’s searches for love, meaning and their places in the world.

For more information on how to get tickets (tickets go fast!) and make reservations, you’ll need to go to the League of Chicago Theatre’s website:    While at their website, you might want to sign up for ChicagoplaysExtra, and receive periodic emails with information on shows, events and special offers tailored to your interests.