Gus Giordano – father of jazz dance – dies at 85

Gus Giordano 1When leafing through the Chicago Tribune this morning, I was surprised to read about the death of Gus Giordano, the father of jazz dance, at the defiant age of 85.  I had direct contact with Gus back in the 80’s, when I was music-directing for Northwestern University’s Waa-Mu show.  Each year, Gus was always the choreographer, and I was always impressed in how well he was able to work with the Waa-Mu cast.  And he was always a warm and good-natured guy.  I’m very sorry to see that he has passed away, but he definitely has left a cultural mark, his jazz-dance style being incorporated into everything from musical theatre to music videos.  Bravo!

The Chicago Tribune has a fitting obit online.

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  2. This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Gus Giordano’s passing. It’s only appropriate that the company holds their March engagement, “A New Day” concepted to be an evening fillled with energy, beauty and joy at the Harris this Friday and Saturday, March 13 & Saturday March 14 at 8 pm at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance. This is going to be one athletic, high powered event featuring the world premieres of “Give and Take” by Brock Clawson and “Brand New Day,” with a more than 30-member children’s choir on stage (including many kids from Sacred Heart) and choreography by GJDC’s Lindsey Leduc Brenner, assisted by Nan Giordano and the rest of the GJDC dancers. More info is available at both the the Harris’ website ( or the company’s (

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