A new home for Steep Theatre!

It seemed innocent enough – I was just waiting this past Sunday for a friend to pick me up at the Berwin Red Line stop.  While waiting there, however, I spotted this sign in the window of an empty storefront:

Sign posted at Steep Theatre\'s new location

Needless to say, I was very excited to see this. Steep Theatre has been an outstanding theatre company here in Chicago, promoting the sort of ensemble-based productions for which Chicago is best known.  And knowing that Steep is investing both the time and money into a new space assures that Steep will be here for years to come.  Yeah!  Here’s a few more pictures:

Front door of Steep Theatre\'s new location set for opening this Fall 2008

Side view of Steep Theatre\'s upcoming location, set for Fall 2008.

As you can tell, this is a great location, with a much larger space, complete with large sun-gathering windows.  And the site is just down the street from the Berwyn el-stop.  In a perfect world, the theatre company will be able to work out some kind of parking accomodations with the Jewel grocery store across the street.  You can see what a great improvement this will be for the theatre by comparing it with their present space:

Steep Theatre, presently on Sheridan a block south of the Sheridan el stop

I found these poetic words on Steep Theatre’s website:

Steep Theatre Company is our family and Steep Theatre is our home.  We have created an environment that other artists and audience members have always found welcoming, enjoyable and engaging.  Each of our talented members are dedicated both artistically and administratively to making Steep a fixture in the Chicago theatre community.

I wish Steep Theatre, and the Steep Theatre family, the best of success in their future space.

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