Chicago Trib: Revise the Smoking Ban!

Looks like the Chicago Tribune agrees with me – that the smoking ban that effectively squelched the smoking scenes in Jersey Boys should be revised so that smoking ban exemptions can be made for dramatic performances.  Alderman Brendan Reilly, whose district includes Chicago’s theatre district, has introduced just such a measure that would require theater companies to apply for a smoking ban waiver from the city’s health department.

Money quote:

Chicago’s smoking ban is a sound public health policy, and no request to sidestep it should be taken lightly.  But it’s silly to handcuff artistic expression for such a miniscule health risk.  It’s an awful lot of huffing about a negligible amount of puffing.

Hopefully both the city council and the state legislature will follow the Trib’s advice and enact smoking exemptions for dramatic performances.

Entire editorial here.