Congressional Arts Report Card – Illinois

Amercans for the Arts Logo Americans for the Arts Action Fund has released this year’s Congressional Arts report card.  I have posted the Illinois delegation below.   I’m very proud to say that my representative, Jan Schakowsky, possesses the top report card score of A-plus.  It’s great to be represented by such an amazing friend-of-the-arts. Way to go Jan!


District Representative (Party) Score Grade
    8 Melissa Bean (D)     80     B+
   13 Judy Biggert (R)     86     A
   12 Jerry Costello (D)     86     A
    7 Danny Davis (D)     98     A
    5 Rahm Emanuel     80     B+
    4 Luis Gutierrez (D)     74     B+
   17 Phil Hare (D)     86     A
    2 Jesse Jackson Jr. (D)     94     A
   15 Timothy Johnson (R)     88     A
   10 Mark Kirk (R)     86     A
   18 Ray LaHood (R)     80     B+
    3 Daniel Lipinski (D)     88     A
   16 Donald Manzullo (R)      6     F
     6 Peter Roskam (R)     20     D
     1 Bobby Rush (D)     90     A
    9 Janice Schakowsky (D)    100     A+
   19 John Shimkus (R)     80     B+
   11 Jerry Weller (R)     40     C

Note: Rep. Bill Foster (D), of the 14th District, is not listed as he did not take office until 3/11/08.

You can see the entire Congressional Arts Report Card, including tabulation methods, here.

More info on the status of arts in our nation can be found at

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info, Scotty!

    We’ve posted a “Thank or Spank” action alert that allows arts activists to contact their Representatives and either thank them for supporting the arts and arts education or spank them for opposing important cultural policies.

    Please visit this link to take action:

    Take care,
    Scarlett Swerdlow
    Illinois Arts Alliance

  2. you’re very welcome Scarlett. Thanks for the heads up on “Thank or Spank”. I’ve shared it with my readers.

  3. […] A few weeks back I posted the 2008 Congressional Arts Report Card for Illinois. (see the post here).  Soon after this, Scarlett Swerdlow, of the Illinois Arts Alliance/Foundation, alerted me to […]

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