Sunday Night Sondheim: Audra McDonald medley

One of my all-time favorite Broadway singers, Audra McDonald, performs a medley of the Stephen Sondheim songs: “What Can You Lose?” (from the movie Dick Tracy) and “Not A Day Goes By” (from Merrily We Roll Along)

Performed in honor of Stephen Sondheim’s 75th Birthday on July 8, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, the concert – entitled Children Will Listen – benefited the ASCAP Foundation.


Olivia Newton-John: "Xanadu" interview



This past Friday, the Sun-Times featured Misha Davenport’s interview with pop culture’s film icon Olivia Newton-John.  I really loved hearing her take on reasons why Xanadu the movie could be so god-awfully bad while Xanadu the musical could be so successful.  The entire interview is here, but here’s a few out-takes to pique your interest:



Misha: You spent so much of the film on roller skates.  Still roller skating?
Olivia: Let’s just say I haven’t been on roller skates since the ’80s.
Misha: The film had a great soundtrack and terrific cast, including Gene Kelly, Michael Beck and yourself.  What went wrong?
Olivia: I think the big problem was the script.  It just kept changing with constant rewrites, which is not a good sign in hindsight.  More of the answer here.
Misha: What does it feel like to have been part of “Grease” and “Xanadu,” two iconic film musicals?
Olivia: I am blessed to have been part of both projects.  Obviosly “Grease” changed my life and that film seems to find a new audience every year. ….. And having the chance to dance with both John Travolta and Gene Kelly, what more could a girl ask for??  (more here)


Fun stuff, right?   I remember owning the album with “Have You Never Been Mellow”, and played it over and over.  Though not in the original movie, they’ve inserted this same song into the stage version, which is a great idea.  Read the entire interview!


 Olivia6   Olivia3 Olivia4

Olivia5 Olivia with the Chippendales.  Looks like she's having a good time!