Random Thoughts – Dungeons and Dragons, Frumpy Singers, Hungry Polar Bears – Oh My!

  • Looks like there’s a designer catfight regarding Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.  Watch out for the flying stilettos!!


  • Take a middle-aged frumpy matron, put her on “Britain’s Got Talent”, have her sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miz, and you get an amazing and touching performance guaranteed to make you smile and maybe even shed a joyful tear.  
  • Dungeons and Dragons – I have no idea how to play it, but – judging from the intensity I have seen at coffee houses from the role-playing game’s fans – it is worth noting that the co-creator of the game, Dave Arneson, has died at the tender age of 61.  What better way to live your life than to bring fun to millions of D&D enthusiasts.
  • Where do you find a course dedicated to teaching one how to create a viral video?  At Northwestern, it seems: YouTubing 101.   How fun is that?  (so, do they let people sit in???)

A beautifully imperfect love:

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