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Sunday Night Sondheim: Sondheim teaches "My Friends"

Stephen Sondheim teaching Guildhall School students – Mrs Lovett is Jacqui Dankworth.

This clip featuring Stephen Sondheim teaching “My Friends” from Sweeney Todd is great fun and exciting to watch Sondheim’s genuis mind at work. (fyi: Sweeney happens to be my favorite Sondheim musical – I even used a monologue from the piece for a high school speech competition, and then went on to music direct it at Northwestern University).

Some “interesting” comments on YouTube:

aah, sondheim is a GENIUSHOLYCRAP. so articulate. so GOOD. and he makes adorable faces…
My sense is that these people were not cast in an actual show/production of the show, but rather they were probably given songs by their voice instructors, and had to prepare it as best they could. This guy would never be cast as Sweeney Todd in real life. Anthony, perhaps. But not Todd.
What Is She Doing??
I Cant Believe She Is Actually Dumb Enough To Sing Like That When In The Presence Of Someone Like Stephen Sondheim.
What Is Wrong With Her?!! 
The singer here really doesn’t seem into the part. But did it occur to anyone else how well Johnny Depp in the film (probably because he’s a professional actor), did with regards to the advice Sondheim is giving here- the hypnotic quality, the pronunciation of the ‘s’ words, the tonal changes, his addressing the razor? According to Sondheim he did a perfect job it would seem.