A Shrekcation??


Producers of Broadway’s Shrek the Musical have put together a family fun that they are calling a “Shrekcation” deal (I know, kinda lame), to offset the economic downturn.   The deal, available for dates June 6 thru September 6, includes ticket offers up to buy-one-get-3-half-off, as well as related discount offers at Gotham-area restaurants and family attractions including American Girl Place and Madame Tussauds.

outer_shrek Does this mean that the producers, DreamWorks Theatricals, are getting desperate?   Not so much.  The industry is generally optimistic about this summer’s box office, although an expected year-on-year decline in tourism could put a damper on sales.  Producers are hoping that history repeats itself, however, as historically Broadway has posted gains during vacation frames when tourists come to town.   And even though tourism is on the decline, the discounts affiliated with these package are hoping to garner a huge response.  More here.