This week’s Chicago show openings and ticket specials

Chicago Skyline at night

AND THEN THERE WERE NONEIndependent Stars Theatre


INTO THE WIND Gorilla Tango Theatre

JONCollaboraction Theatre

PAUL’S GLASSESGorilla Tango Theatre

POSEIDON! An Upside Down Musical Hell in a Handbag Productions

SKETCHTOPIAVictory Gardens Biograph Theater


STEEL MAGS LETS YOU DOWN EASYChicago Center for the Performing Arts


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Theater Thursday – “Jersey Boys” at Pheasant Run

Altar Boyz Thursday, June 18

Altar Boyz
Noble Fool Theatricals at Pheasant Run Resort
4051 E. Main Street, St. Charles (map)

Come to the award-winning Jambalaya before the show to enjoy Cajun-style appetizers and cocktails by the resort’s New Orleans-inspired restaurant. Then stay for the "Hilarious" and "Praiseworthy" musical Altar Boyz, followed by a post-show Q&A with members of the cast and director. Pre-show party, show, and post-show discussion take place within the resort; free parking. With angelic voices and divine dance moves, five small-town boys believe they’re destined by God to speak the Holy Spirit through hip-hop. This charming Christian boy-band (with one nice Jewish boy) will alter minds and raise spirits as they look for their big break in New York while saving souls along the way. Destined to rock the masses of all denominations!

Event begins at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m.
For reservations call 630.584.6342 and mention "Theater Thursdays."


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Cirque du Soleil billionaire founder sues over sex and drugs allegations

Guy Laliberte accused of hosting wild orgies; entertained guests with his flexible performers

Cirque du Soleil impresario Guy Laliberté Once a penniless street-performer, Guy Laliberté has since created some of the most breath-taking (and lucrative) franchises in the world, including 6 separate shows alone in Las Vegas. But now he’s involved in a legal spat regarding alleged colorful acrobatic “moves” that take place in his bedroom.

Laliberté has announced plans to sue the publishers of an unauthorized biography which depicts him as a bed-hopping scoundrel with an inexhaustible appetite for sex, drugs, and a rock and roll lifestyle. (aside: sounds like fun to me! LOL)

These allegations come from the influential Montreal news magazine Macleans, who published a revelatory extract from the muck-raking new book, entitled The Fabulous Story of the Creator of the Cirque du Soleil, which details some of the famously decadent parties that Mr Laliberté financed with the proceeds of his business empire, which currently controls 18 shows in dozens of countries, and supports almost 4,000 employees, including hundreds of the world’s most talented dancers and acrobats.

During the parties, global business leaders, politicians, and Hollywood stars were entertained by Cirque du Soleil performers, and provided with millions of dollars of fine food and wine. Author Ian Halperin, who quotes dozens of former guests, details heroic displays of debauchery. Cirque performers limbering up for later orgies?"Everything you wanted was available at Guy’s parties," said Myra Jones, a Milan-based fashion model who attended several of the events. "Drugs, the best music spun by famous DJs flown in from Europe and the USA, and the wildest sex you could ever imagine."

The book claims that Laliberté’s assistants invited busloads of prostitutes from his native Montreal to the parties, which were attended by the likes of Robert DeNiro and Sir Paul McCartney. Mere B-list guests were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before attending.

Mr Laliberté has taken exception to the claims. This week, he wrote to Transit Publishing, which released the book, denying several key allegations made in the book and demanding that it is immediately withdrawn from stores. Macleans has also been issued with a legal letter.

However Mr Halperin yesterday returned fire, with interest. "We intend to fight this vigorously and take this as a gross infringement on freedom of the press," he told the New York Post. "Everything in my book is true and can easily be proven. If he continues to harass me, I will launch a slander suit."

Whatever the eventual outcome, the row comes at an inconvenient time for Mr Laliberté, who is supposed to be focused on training for a forthcoming space flight, for which he has paid a Russian company $35-million