Bad marketing or keeping them honest?


(apologies to one of my best friend’s, Cathy Egan, who worked at McDonald’s all through high school…she definitely is/was not a loser!!!)

Promethean Theatre welcomes renowned author Peter S. Beagle to adaptation of his book “The Last Unicorn”

Just got some really cool news from Promethean Theatre – their world premier stage adaptation of the novel The Last Unicorn will be attended by the author of the book himself, Peter S. Beagle.  Pretty cool, right?

More information regarding The Last Unicorn, which is set to open October 16th, can be found here.

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Wacky Father’s Day gifts???

frozen-dentures This isn’t your grandpa’s ice tray – though the ice does look suspiciously like a set of his dentures! Well, freeze up a batch of cubes with the Frozen Smiles Ice Tray ($5.49), serve them to your party guests… and watch them smile!  h/t


BeerBeltThis fully adjustable Beer Belt ($13.99) will allow your dad to hold a six-pack without his hands! This hands-free convenience accommodates both, cans and bottles! h/t (Source)


Pole-Dancer-Alarm-ClockGet your dad to rise and shine with this Pole Dancer Alarm Clock ($26.99), an alarm that is sure to grab his attention even when he’s in a deep sleep! When not going off this clock just looks like a novel sculpture of a pole dancer, but when its time to wake up, the party has just begun. The Pole dancer spins around and around in front of a curtained stage, strobing disco lights activate making the stage area come to life and a loud strip tease style of alarm music will wake him up. h/t (Source)