Wacky Father’s Day gifts???

frozen-dentures This isn’t your grandpa’s ice tray – though the ice does look suspiciously like a set of his dentures! Well, freeze up a batch of cubes with the Frozen Smiles Ice Tray ($5.49), serve them to your party guests… and watch them smile!  h/t Oddee.com


BeerBeltThis fully adjustable Beer Belt ($13.99) will allow your dad to hold a six-pack without his hands! This hands-free convenience accommodates both, cans and bottles! h/t Oddee.com (Source)


Pole-Dancer-Alarm-ClockGet your dad to rise and shine with this Pole Dancer Alarm Clock ($26.99), an alarm that is sure to grab his attention even when he’s in a deep sleep! When not going off this clock just looks like a novel sculpture of a pole dancer, but when its time to wake up, the party has just begun. The Pole dancer spins around and around in front of a curtained stage, strobing disco lights activate making the stage area come to life and a loud strip tease style of alarm music will wake him up. h/t Oddee.com (Source)

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