“Poseiden” extends again – now closing Sept. 27th

Photo by Rick Aguilar- Must give photo credit for publication


Hell in a Handbag Productions presents:

POSEIDON! An Upside Down Musical

Book & Lyrics by David Cerda
w/add’l material by Cheryl Snodgrass
Music by David Cerda & Scott Lamberty
Directed by Matthew Gunnels
Where: The Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division Street
Runs: Extended through Sept. 27th  (Buy Tickets)

From Hell in a Handbag’s press release:

At a time when grants have seemingly disappeared and donations are diminishing, and major Chicago theater companies our sending our emergency requests for cash, Hell in a Handbag Productions, through sheer force of will, has produced a Jeff recommended, critically acclaimed, musical comedy with a cast of 23 and a capsizing ship on a budget that many those same theaters use for costumes alone, and the Chicago theater going public has responded favorably with their support. "We were fortunate enough to surround ourselves with a cast and crew that really believed in the show", says David Cerda, Artistic Director of the company. "We took a ‘if we build it, they will come’ approach and thank God, it seems to be working".

All photos by Rick Aguilar

POSEIDON! An Upside Down Musical

is both a musical parody and a loving homage to the classic 1972 film, The Poseidon Adventure, the grandmother of all disaster films. The play celebrates and lampoons the beloved cult classic through comedy and music. When a tidal wave capsizes the SS Poseidon luxury liner on New Year’s Eve, a group of scrappy passengers must climb to the bottom of the ship (now above them) before the ship sinks. The perilous journey of these colorful characters, both humorous and tragic, makes for an edge-of-your-seat adventure. Watch the story unfold with a party of hardcore Poseidon Adventure fans who provide personal commentary and touching insight on how film resonates in our collective conscious, resulting in very real shared experiences.

Theater Thursday: “Lies and Liars”

Thursday, August 6

Lies and Liars

Theatre Seven of Chicago at Chicago Dramatists
1105 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago

Lies and LiarsPlease join Theatre Seven of Chicago for a special one-night-only event that includes a performance of Lies & Liars, 15%-off every dinner at DeLux Bar and Grill, and an informal post-show discussion about lies and lying with the show’s creators, accompanied by light snacks! What’s your biggest lie? What if one file held the truth about every lie anyone’s ever told you? Lies & Liars pulls water cooler politics through the rabbit hole in a world two parts The Office, one part Alice in Wonderland. Welcome to ALCOR, international lie protection agency, where Benny Willard is about to find himself face to face with every lie and liar he’s ever met! Let Theatre Seven be your guide to a world where nothing can be trusted.

Show begins at 8 p.m.

TICKETS ONLY $18 (includes show, discussion and snack) 
For reservations call 773-853-3158 and mention "Theater Thursdays."

Dinner: 15% Off any size bill at DeLux Bar and Grill. Mention" Theater Thursdays" to DeLux when booking reservation. Recommend reservation times: 5:30pm-6:45pm