Chicago theater openings and closings this week


show openings

30 on Thursday The Neo-Futurists

Lorca in a Green Dress Halcyon Theatre

Married Alive! Noble Fool Theatricals

A Shroud for Lazarus Halcyon Theatre

Water Fools (Fous de Bassin) Chicago Shakespeare Theater


Chicago skyline

show closings

The Adventures of Nervous Boy Gorilla Tango Theatre

Bad Touch and the Deep End Annoyance Theatre

Bombs Away! Bailiwick Repertory

Chasing Dumb Annoyance Theatre

The Cousins Grimm Bailiwick Repertory

One Year in June Gorilla Tango Theatre

Up Steppenwolf Theatre

Waiting for Godot Redtwist Theatre

Theater Thursday: Profile Theatre’s “Graceland”

Thursday, August 20

by Ellen Fairey
Profiles Theatre
4147 N. Broadway, Chicago (map)

gracelandpicProfiles Theatre will host a special performance of their critically acclaimed production of Graceland by Ellen Fairey with a wine and cheese reception before the show and a talk back with the cast and artistic director immediately following the show. It’s a great chance to meet and listen to the team behind one of the biggest hits of the summer. Chicago’s oldest cemetery is the backdrop for Graceland, the story of four lonely Chicagoans whose lives collide one August weekend while the Blue Angels air show is in town. Graceland is a world premiere comedic drama about the loneliness of family, the tenderness of strangers and the unexpected benefits of bad decisions.
Event begins at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m.
For reservations call 773.549.1815 and mention "Theater Thursdays."

If websites were people, what would they look like?

if-websites-were-peopleNote: Though the definitions are a bit racy at times, I find the descriptions amusing. My favorite is the Facebook personification. (but, oddly, the pics they supply don’t always match up with the descriptions.)


  • Facebook would be a middle-aged woman using company time to play text-based games and sending people invites to shitty applications.

  • Twitter would be a self-righteous douchebag with a speech impediment.

  • Myspace would be 13 year old brat, doing free advertising for porn stars and their friend’s shitty bands, be covered in stickers of "sparkly" cartoon bimbos (that resemble transvestites), butterflies or some shit. It sure as fuck wouldn’t be using headphones because it’s rare to see a myspace page where annoying music doesn’t turn you away.

  • Wikipedia would be getting molested by hundreds of thousands of random hands.

  • Deviant Art would actually be a 19 year old guy drawing generic anime characters, furries, and slutty pictures of their favorite cartoons.

  • Youtube would just be a picture of Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man. He has a special talent but everything that comes out of his mouth is just flat out retarded. But only if Rain Man was edited with Windows Movie Maker, and if Barry Levinson called himself "LevDog420 Studios"

  • Google would be a guy hard at work in a trendy lab eating a free lunch and using a pile of money for a chair. In beta.

Think Fast: “High Fidelity”, Jude Law in “Hamlet”, oyster-eating at the theatre, “Spiderman” schadenfreude, etc.


  • Another big Hollywood name has (once again) caught the Broadway bug: Jude Law is set to star in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet on September 12th, running through December 6th.  Jude Law previously received a Tony Award nomination for the 1995 play Indiscretions. More info here.
  • Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, which dates back to 1662.  The excavations are part of an 8-million-euro project to reinstate the theatre on its original site. The school’s director, Patrick Sutton, said the excavations had uncovered part of the theatre’s original walls as well as stage timbers. Among the artifacts found were an actress’s ceramic wig curler, clay pipes, a broken wine bottle and oyster shells. “Oysters were obviously the popcorn of the day,” he suggested. More here.
  • Rumors started among the Broadway fanatics (okay, I guess you can count me in as a member) last week that the musical-in-the-works, Spiderman, the Musical, must be in trouble when it was announced that the multi-million dollar renovation of the Hilton Theater had been halted.  It was called a "cash-flow problem", which is corporate for, "we’re not putting up another cent." Accordingly, Broadway producer Kevin Davenport’s theatre blog “The Producer’s Perspective” has a snarky well-deserved post titled “Schadenfreude for Spider-Man?”.