Review: “Carpenter’s Halloween” at Mary’s Attic

Definitely a treat!


The Scooty & Jojo Show presents:

Carpenters Halloween

created by Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax
directed by Scott Bradley
music-directed by Brent Moore
thru November 7th (buy tickets)

reviewed by Katy Walsh


Light their way when the darkness surrounds them…

Is this the beginning narration of a story about a beast or a line from a 1970’s pop song? In Carpenter’s Halloween Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax re-imagine John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween movie as a musical. The Scooty & Jojo Show’s production uses the lyrics of Karen and Richard Carpenter to tell the tale of Michael Myer’s psycho ward escape and killing-spree homecoming. The results? Carpenter’s Halloween is a hilarious slasher reproduction.

a kind of hush all over the world tonight”

Performed at Mary’s Attic, the show starts with and uses film footage projected on televisions to illustrate Michael Myer’s childhood transformation into psycho killer.  The multi-talented cast, cardboard cars, live band and puppets transport you back to the familiar cult classic. The fear factor is gone as the campy show pokes fun of the movie’s scary elements 30+ year ago that, in hindsight, seem ridiculous.

“We’ve only just begun….”

Some of the best moments are new lines on the familiar script; “he always looks like that. He’s a puppet.” And “would Karen Carpenter have a second bowl of popcorn?”  Leading the laughter is the stand out performance of Scott Bradley as Laurie Strode. Playing up the Laurie’s “Solitaire’s the only game in town loneliness,” Bradley hilariously mimics Jamie Lee Curtis’ memorable performance. One of many giggle-fests occurs when Lindsey (Ryan Guhde) and Tommy (Libby Lane) re-interpret the phrase “go upstairs and change your clothes.” Baby, baby, baby, aw baby I love Carpenter’s Halloween I really do!




Examples of comments heard from audience members include – Steve:  Muppets meet Python; Tom: campy, funny, songy; Shawn: scream queen lives; Scott: song slash dance; Jen: well-delivered, witty, wicked; Paul: camp built well; and James: Karen would approve!

Rating: «««

Writers: Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax
Director: Scott Bradley
Music Director: Brent Moore
Costume Design: Bill Morey
Wigs & Hair: Eric Daly
Scenic Design: Scott Bradley
Michael S. Miller
Graphic Design: Michael S. Miller
Photography: Jennifer Bisbing
Cassandra Damm
Light/Video Design: Jonny Staxx
Stage Manager: Kelli Howard


Cast: Scott Bradley
Charis Boyd
Zack Geoffroy
Annie Gloyn
Ryan Guhde
Libby Lane
Michael S. Miller
Jefrey B. Wilkerson

Brent Moore (guitar)
Jill Waycie (keyboard)
Mike Hartman (drums)
Eric Engelson (drums)




Pre-show, we dined at Hamburger Mary’s (5400 N. Clark). In the past, I’ve had some issues with this popular hamburger joint. The convenience of the locale (the show is upstairs) and my compassion to give people a fourth try… It’s going to take some time this time… prompted a return. There were six of us and 45 minutes before the curtain. The service, if not friendly, was efficient (except for a mayo speed bump). I had one of the fall specialty drinks, a candy apple Manhattan and the small portion of the cheeseburger quesadilla. Both interesting flavors but a little more than I wanted. Just like before… the bill arrives in a high heeled pump (cheesy!)… it’s yesterday once more.

Post show, we went to the sponsoring bar and one of my favorite haunts, Marty’s (1511 W. Balmoral).

It was packed because Just like me they long to be close to you. Unfortunately, we didn’t score a table in front. Instead, we lined up in a single file along the windows and chatted with the person directly next to us. It wasn’t long before it was time to say Good bye to love and leave the cozy confines of the popular wine/martini bar and head out into the cold, wet night. Rainy days and work nights always get me down.

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