Sunday Sondheim: West Side Story was a national sensation in Portugal in 2009

This is final bows of the final night of West Side Story in Portugal, presented by Teatro Politeama.  Watch the dance/bow sequences running through 3:40 – this is literally the most elaborate final bows I’ve ever seen. It really drives home the reach of Bernstein’s and Stephen Sondheim‘s work (and going even further back, William Shakespeare).. Looking at all of the YouTube videos surrounding this specific production, it seems that this was a national sensation, with the cast performing on the talk shows, morning shows, on late-night, etc.. Really amazing. Besides the final bows (just up to 3:40, as the rest is a speech by, I’m assuming, the director, Filipe La Féria), I have added what looks like an evening show’s performance of "America", the promo for the actual production, and a few other PR performances of the show.  By the way, isn’t that an absolutely amazing set??!!!


Portuguese "West Side Story" promos below


Teatro Politeama presents West Side Story, directed and produced by Filipe La Féria, starring Ricardo Soler as Tony, Cátia Tavares as Maria, and Lúcia Moniz as Anita.

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  1. West Side Story had a major success here in Portugal. Ricardo Soler was awesome as Tony.

    Here’s the video where you can see him performing ‘Maria’ (Portuguese version):

    I also would like to invite you to visit his website:

    Hope you enjoy it!

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