Watch: cool video of Billy Elliot opening night

New video just posted by Broadway in Chicago – as you can tell, opening night of Billy Elliot was a lot of fun and a big success (see our review here★★★½).  Take a look-see!

[Check out more videos HERE]


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  1. Thank you! I completely enjoyed a look at Billy Elliot from “behind the scenes” at the Chicago production and the Broadway play as well. I felt the thrill of the show without even seeing it in person. I would absolutely love to see it live. There is no match for a live performance.
    The scenes, the music, the singing, the acting, and of course the dancing are spectacular. I’ve never been to a Broadway show though I live close by in New Jersey. I’ve forgotten what I’ve been missing all these years. I enjoyed being part of a drama club during my middle school years. I’m much older now, but I still vividly and fondly remember those times in my life.
    I still dream of being an actor on stage. I think it’s both thrilling and challenging.
    I am amazed by the child stars. I see that they work extremely hard and are totally dedicated to their roles and the skills they require; which are extensive. I don’t have that kind of raw talent OR commitment and I admire them for all this that they share with us. They are fortunate to be living out their dreams. Thanks to you for providing a look into that world and thanks especially to them!

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