Chicago Fringe Festival announces Pilsen play line-up



Pilsen Lineup and Venues, September 1st – 5th


The Chicago Fringe Festival has announced the complete lineup for its inaugural performing arts festival, slated for September 1st through the 5th in the Pilsen neighborhood. In the spirit of fringe festivals worldwide, 46 productions were selected by lottery from a total of 156 applicants. The final schedule will be released on August 1, 2010.

13 states will be represented at the uncensored festival, including New York, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado and Nevada. In addition, 2 international productions will make an appearance at the festival, with works from Israel and Canada making their Chicago debut. All told, 198 performers will participate in this landmark event.

Local Chicago artists will have a strong showing at the festival, with many acts looking forward to performing for a hometown crowd. New Millennium Theatre Company will present a revival of The Texas Chainsaw Musical, directed by Artistic Director Chad Wise. Genesis Ensemble, a two-year-old performance collective, will present sweet, half-darkness.

"Pilsen’s vitality and connection to the arts made it a natural fit for the festival," says Executive Director and Founder, Sarah Mikayla Brown. "We’re excited to push both artistic and geographical boundaries as we introduce our audience to new works in what may be a new neighborhood to them."

Fringe Central

At the heart of the festivities will be Fringe Central, located near Racine and 18th Street. Live music, entertainment and outdoor exhibits will be accompanied by delicious food provided by local favorite Honky Tonk BBQ. "Fringe Central will be ground zero for participants and audience alike to kick back, relax, and enjoy thesights and sounds of Pilsen. We’re excited to provide a place where folks can share ideas, network and just enjoy good company," says Associate Producer Vinnie Lacey.

Fringe Central will also play host to the Chicago Fringe Preview Party on August 28, 2010. Attendees will get an early taste of festival offerings as selected performers preview their Chicago Fringe productions.

8 Venues

All eight venues have been announced, including the Chicago Art Department Gallery, Dream Theatre, Temple Gallery, EP Theater, Chicago Arts District Galleries, Casa Aztlan and Simone’s Bar. Six of the venues are non-traditional spaces, and the Festival is currently raising capital to ensure premium flooring, lighting, sound equipment and technicians are in place to transform each space into a premiere performance venue.

MidwestFringe Circuit

The Chicago Fringe Festival will also mark the last stop of the first annual MidwestFringe Circuit, featuring three other American fringe festivals: Kansas City, Minnesota and Indianapolis. Four productions from each festival were selected by lottery to tour all four cities.

Guarenteed production slots at the 2010 Chicago Fringe Festival:



  • Shanna Shrum – Skinny Dipping – Not Your Mama’s One Woman Show!
  • Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre – Moliere Than Thou
  • Lincoln Square TheatreThe Parenticide Club
  • Shakura World Theatre – Columbine & Roses
  • Piel Morena Contemporary Dance – Machito Pichon
  • Rebecca Kling – Uncovering the Mirrors
  • 2nd Story TheatreCabinalysis… or, Build Your Own Damn Cabin!
  • Citadel Theatre Company5 Times 10 – A Collection of 10 Minutes Plays
  • Les Enfants Terribles – Believe in Nothing, Mock Everything
  • The Consortium Project – Knee-Jerk
  • Megan Rhyme – Inner Cartography
  • Ripettes Burlesque – The Ripettes Burlesque in… Peter Panties: A Neverland Burlesque
  • Hubris ProductionsAnnee Pocalypse
  • The Anatomy Collective – TBD – Untitled Anatomy Collective Project
  • New Millenium Theatre  – The Texas Chainsaw Musical
  • No Small Productions – What To Expect
  • Weber & Einstein – Please Love Me, High School Boyfriend
  • Jason Economus – The Steve Show
  • Genesis Ensemblesweet, half-darkness
  • Terra Mysterium – Finding Eleusis
  • Patchwork Woman Performance – Bridges
  • The Hollow Tree – Scenes of a Love Like Nature
  • The Talking Cure – The Talking Cure Presents


  • Theater Undeclared – Grind: The Musical
  • Swanderwoman Productions – Driving the Body Back
  • No Snowcones Productions – That Greek Thing
  • Jeff Kreisler & Up Top Productions – Get Rich Cheating
  • Meddlin’ Productions – Girls and Dolls
  • Adam Theater – Hansel & Gretel the end of a fairy tale
  • Terri Cyrmes – Single Girl in a Gay Man’s World
  • Pantea Productions – Silken Veils
  • Nicole Kearney Productions – And Ya Don’t Stop a hip hop play
  • Les Kurkendaal – Christmas in Bakersfield
  • RE/Dance – The Lonely Visitors
  • Paul Diem – Mulatto Child – Voices From the Margins
  • Evan O’Sullivan – Evan O’Television Presents: Double Negatives
  • La Rinascita – The Fugitives
  • Howard Petrick – Rambo: The Missing Years
  • Gemma Wilcox – The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over
  • Opium, Fireworks and Lead – Exhausted Paint: The Death of Van Gogh
  • Patrick Devine – Breaking Down in America
  • Maire Clerkin The Bad Arm – Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer
  • And Giggles Productions – The Playdaters
  • Tiberius Productions Touch My App
  • What’s a Girl to Do Productions – Drunk with Hope in Chicago


Pilsen 2010 Waiting List

Last updated May 19, 2010

  • Ian Knox – TBD
  • Oracle Productions – Captive Audience
  • Alan Brouilette – The Friars’ Club Roast of (Beloved Children’s Character)
  • Synapse Arts Collective – Elastic Tectonics
  • The Plagiarists – Oscar Wilde, Jack the Ripper, and the Elephant Man Have a Tea Party
  • Backe Productions – The Meeting
  • 2nd Story – The Fringe
  • Musicals Under Construction – Far From Freud
  • Julie Ganey – Unbelonged
  • Valerie Johnson/Prevent{at}ive Measures Collective – First, Third, Eighty-One
  • MagicMouth Theatre – American Gypsy
  • Mike Cherry & Matt Peterson – When the pen becomes the paper
  • The Suitcase Shakespeare Co. – Pericles, Prince of Tyre
  • Silent Theatre Company – The Set-Up
  • Shining Salt Theater – A Sleep of Prisoner’s by Christopher Fry
  • Bughouse Theater – Four Comedic Short Plays
  • Appetite Theatre Company – Jinx
  • Cocodancegroup – You, Me, Gene Kelly & Fred in the Moonlight
  • Jabberwocky – Long Time Gone
  • The Space/Movement Project – Past and In Progress
  • Mark Thomas Boergers – Regina Oedipus
  • Innervation Dance Cooperative – Everyman
  • Hey Buddy! Productions – TBD – a new comedic play
  • Daniel Hanrahan – Some Giants
  • Core Project – Hint of It
  • DanszLoop Chicago – Lorita
  • Blackbird Theatre Company – Parables of Food and Water
  • Shoot the Moon Theatre – Damn Everything but the Circus
  • Jenniffer J Thusing – Inspiration (working title)
  • Awesomonster – The Last (and Therefore Best) Sketch Comedy Show on Earth
  • Vintage Theater Collective – The Big Greek Mash-Up, or A Summer in the Trenches with the Greeks
  • David Boyle – The Organist & the Big Fuck You
  • Lyndsae Rinio/Linden Dream – Hematopoetry
  • Theater Buffo – War and Peace (unabrg’d)
  • Bughouse Theater – Soapbox
  • Mike Steele – Drainmaires & Greamsicles
  • The Player’s Company – A Crack
  • The Club of Queer Trades – The Club of Queer Trades
  • Matt Griffo – Matt Griffo
  • The Number 10 Productions – Your Emergency; My Annoyance
  • Anjal Chande (of Soham Dance Space) – Big and Small
  • Josh Lesser/A Phoenix Theatre Company – Burnham 3000
  • Lydia Bottom and Hilary Staton – The Other Woman
  • Ted Brengle/Serendipity Factory – Alone Apart
  • The Rude Mechanicals Chicago – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Amanda Rountree – The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey
  • Monte – Off the Eatin’ Path with Monte
  • Emily Casey – Mt. Carnivale’s Pretty Parade
  • The State Theatre – Taraxacum
  • The Rude Mechanicals Chicago – Romeo and Juliet
  • Keith and Tinz – The Keith and Tinz Show Featuring Keith and Tinz
  • Candentia – Crave
  • Corn Productions – Floss!
  • Janus Theatre Company – Thinking of Her Made Him Think of Her


  • Jeff Onore – Slip and Fall Guy
  • Juan Francisco Villa – A Hipster’s Pathological Dream of Tenement Empanadas
  • Tommy Nugent – Burning Man & The Reverand Nuge
  • John Hefner – The Hefner Monologues
  • Tim Ereneta – Happy Endings are Overrated: The Life and Times of Prince Charming
  • Commedia Beauregard – Master Works: The Museum of Bad Art Plays
  • Squeaky Wheel Inc. – The Squeaky Wheel Squeaks
  • Pones, Inc. – The Four Food Groups
  • Kirsten Stephens and Dean Hatton – Silent Poetry: A Tribute to Marcel Marceau
  • Academy Theatre – He/She and Me, A Love Story
  • Scott Contor – Naked Beneath the Lights (Working Title)
  • Non Stop Productions – Are You There G-D, It’s Me..Ruthie
  • DC Theatre Collective – My Fabulous Sex Life
  • Baker’s Dozen – Brilliant Creatures
  • The Independent Theatre Collective – {best imitation}
  • Riverrun Theatre Company – A.D.
  • Muscle Memory Dance Theatre – Breaking News: Dancing with the Media
  • Raleigh R. Pinskey – SPLAT – The Evolution of Soul 685
  • Rake Theater – Tropical Depression
  • Angela Dean-Baham – The Unsung Diva
  • The Faux-Real Theatre Company – Queer in the U.S.A.
  • Elaine Del Valle – Brownsville Bred..Growing Up Elaine
  • Uncovered Theatre Company – Moonlight in Boxes
  • Whispering Thunder Productions – We Go Future Now!
  • Lindsay Greer – That Grrl
  • The Performance Project – Playing By Ear
  • Jim Loucks – Cemetery Golf
  • Maximum Verbosity – Descendant of Dragons
  • Jazz Hand Job – The Rigorous Disco of Doom
  • Katherine Glover – A Cynic Tells Love Stories
  • Shelby Company – Uncle Shelby’s Traveling Treasure Trunk
  • Dance Revolution Milwaukee – Change
  • Jeff Grow – Creating Illusion
  • Treeline Dance Works – Unearthed Moments
  • Lady Caos – Housing Hopes in Folding Chairs

Pilsen 2010 Venues

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