Sanity Break Remix: Taiwanese singer and Whitney Houston

Taiwanese American Idol: I Will Always Love You



Here’s a really, really cool video remix of Taiwanese “American Idol” singer Lin Yu Chun (called “Superstar Avenue” in Taiwan) – who took the world by storm with his rendition of “I Will Always Love You” as sung by Whitney Houston (and composed by Dolly Parton).  This remix mashes Whitney with Lin Yu, showing just how amazingly close he matches her performance of the song!  Amazing!!  (some have said he’s Asia’s answer to Britain’s Susan Boyle.  I think there’s no doubt that he’s better!)

Below the fold (click here) are other videos of Taiwan-native Lin Yu Chun, including his appearance on the Ellen Degeneris Show, singing “Amazing Grace”, and others.


Yin Lu Chun on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


Yin Lu sings “Amazing Grace” on Taiwan’s “Superstar Avenue”.

Singing starts at 1:30.  I love where, just before he sings, the host says “Oh my God” in English.  “Oh My God” is also said in video below.  Is this from our reality TV being televised in Taiwan? (e.g., like on Extreme Home Makeover, etc.)


Singing "Saving All My Love for You"


I see that – when paging through the related videos on YouTube – Yin Lu Chun is often referred to as a “fat Chinese kid” which goes to show you that he’s still being teased and criticized for his looks, even with his amazing voice and talent!!  Of course, these people didn’t stop him from being a world-wide sensation!


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