Gilbert and Sullivan spoof: A Modern US President. (Fun!!)

For all the musical theater fans out there (plus political junkies), especially Gilbert & Sullivan fans, here’s a political spoof just for you:


YouTube Obama: A Modern U.S. President

Here’s a hilarious parody of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Major General’s Song”, from Pirates of PenzanceThis video is directed by and starring Ron Butler as the President Obama.  Pretty fun, right?  And Michelle’s brief cameo is a riot.


Credits from the YouTube notes:


Directed by Ron Butler
Director of Photography, Raphe Wolfgang
Editor, Charles Little
Music recording & mixing, Cory Mooney
Created and written by Ron Butler


Ron Butler (Barack Obama)
Lucy Butler (Asst.)
David Reaves (Secret Service)
Vernetta Jenkins (Michelle Obama)




  Greg Ainsworth
Lisa Bode
Dominic Bogart
Ralph Cole jr.
Barrett Crake
Curtis Heard
Teresa Huang
Justin Jones
Michael Ryan Joyce
Thor Knai
Kerri-Anne Lavin
Mark Mosely
Keith Parks
Lowe Taylor
Gabrielle Wagner
Justin Michael Wilcox
Nicole Tillman
David Zack
Chris Zirbel



Shauna Bloom (1st AD)
Sharon Butler (Production asst.)
Jim Falkenstein (Prop consultant)
Lynne Haddock (Craft Services)
Curtis Heard (Musical director)
Steve Hibbert (Production consultant)
Lerelle Mills (Production asst.)
Phil Sheeran (Sound editor)
Scott Swenson (Production consultant)


5 Responses

  1. On behalf of the crew and cast of Obama! A Modern US President musical spoof….THANK YOU for taking the time to post our video on your site. It is very much appreciated!

  2. Lucy Butler ROCKS!!!


  4. Thank you for brightening up a rather dull and rainy Monday morning.

    Great fun!

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