Review: The Merry Widow (Joffrey Ballet Chicago)


Parisian elan, Austrian elegance, Pontevedran panache


Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco in Joffrey Ballet's 'Merry Widow'.

Joffrey Ballet presents
The Merry Widow
Written by Franz Lehar, adapted by John Lanchberry
Choreographed by
Ronald Hynd
Conducted by
Scott Speck
Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress (map)
through Feb 27  |  tickets: $24-$145  |  more info

Reviewed by Lawrence Bommer

70 years after Franz Lehar’s beloved operetta debuted in 1905, Ronald Hynd transformed the popular gem into an energetic ballet. Now, 36 years later, the 80-year-old choreographer has brought this polyglot divertissement to Chicago in a sumptuous, two-hour fantasy that takes the Joffrey Ballet into wonderful new waters.

Ensemble from Joffrey Ballet's 'Merry Widow'Though the original vaudevillian and rhapsodic tunes get mixed up among the three acts and the subplot involving an incriminating fan has been mercifully dropped, the story mirrors the original in all that matters. Cultural contrast was always the fuel for the fun. Here it’s the fact that the Pontevedran embassy in Paris needs to hold onto the fortune of the title character, if only to preserve its quaint customs and Balkan folk dances in the midst of the world’s most cosmopolitan center.

Three styles keep both operetta and ballet fascinating throughout. The Embassy ball in the first act harks back to the classic waltzes of Vienna. The Second, set in the villa of the fabulously wealthy Hannah Glawari, delights in pseudo-Pontevedran Polonaises and ethnic novelty numbers. Finally, Lehar drenches the third act in French frivolity as the action moves to Maxim’s, with its can-can grizettes and dapper Parisian dandies straight out of Toulouse-Lautrec.

Since this is ballet, the story, compressed and created by Sir Robert Helpmann, is second to the steps. Unlike the operetta, there’s never any doubt that Hanna will return to her rakish former lover, Count Danilo. (We don’t need to burden our pretty little heads with silly doubts.) There’s little more suspense over the illicit courtship between Valencienne, the Ambassador’s flirtatious French wife, and the handsome French attaché Camille de Rousillon, a nightingale indeed.

The duets between these couples echo the musical styles. Victoria Jaiani’s Hana and Miguel Angel Blanco’s Danilo turn the first act waltzes into surprisingly vertical affairs, with lifts that defy the horizontal swirl of the sweeping melodies. Likewise, Yumelia Garcia’s capricious Valencienne, with her sensuous twirls and bodice-bending dips, finds a perfect partner in Graham Maverick’s quicksiliver, gravity-defying Rousillon. Both blend in beautifully with the galloping gaiety of Maxim’s in full fluorescence.

Ensemble from Joffrey Ballet's 'Merry Widow'

Hynd has given the ensemble glorious moments, whether as gallant members of the Pontevedran entourage or hellbent, high-kicking, skirt-tossing soubrettes making plays for the gentry. They’re impeccably costumed by Italian designer Roberta Guidi di Bagno, while the stenciled facades and imitation marble pillars of the first act, wisteria-laden garden of the second, and monumental cabaret setting of the third act, are also the gorgeous work of the exquisitely talented Di Bagno.

It lasts no longer than it should, since a fantasy should never be pushed beyond its initial allure. As the English say, you should never let daylight shine on magic.

Rating: ★★★★
Lucas Segovia, Yumelia, Garcia, Matthew_Adamczyk in Joffrey Ballet's 'Merry Widow' Victoria Jaiani as Hannah the wealthy widow in Joffrey Ballet's 'Merry Widow'
Yumelia Garcia and Graham Maverick in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow' Christine Rocas, Miguel Angel Blanco, Jaime Hickey in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow'

All photos by Herbert Migdoll.


February 16 Artists

  Victoria Jaiani Hanna, A Wealthy Pontevedrian Widow
  Miguel Angel Blanco Count Danilo, A Pontevedrian Diplomat
  Matthew Adamczyk Baron Zeta, Pontevedrian Ambassador
  Yumelia Garcia Valencienne, His French Wife
  Willy Shives Njegus, His Personal Aide
  Graham Maverick Camille de Roussillon, French Attaché
  Aaron Rogers Kromov, Embassy Official
  Lucas Segovia Prititch, Embassy Official
  Jaime Hickey Magda , Pontevedrian Lady
  Christine Rocas Ludmilla, Pontevedrian Lady
  Valerie Robin The Countess, An Enraged Client
  April Daly Countess’ Friend
  Derrick Agnoletti Maitre D’, Lead Pontevedrian Dancer
  Can-Can Ladies Elizabeth Hansen, Anastacia Holden, Caitlin Meighan, Amber Neumann, Abigail Simon, Allison Walsh
  Embassy Guests, etc. Derrick Agnoletti, Ian Berg*, Katherine Bruno, Raul Casasola, Mengjun Chen**, Jonathan Dummar, Erica Lynette Edwards, Brian Gephart, John Mark Giragosian, Andre Grippi**, Dylan Gutierrez, Elizabeth Hansen, Anastacia Holden, Dara Holmes**, Stacy Keller, Fabio Lo Giudice, Erin McAfee, Caitlin Meighan, Mona Meng, Jacqueline Moscicke, Amber Neumann, Alexis Polito, Pablo Sanchez**, Ricardo Santos, Michael Sayre*, Michael Smith, Jack Thorpe-Baker, Shane Urton, Mauro Villanueva, Allison Walsh, Mahallia Ward**, Brandon Weilein*, Matthew Wenckowski*, Jenny Winton, Joanna Wozniak, Kara Zimmerman

*Student of Academy of Dance, Official School of The Joffrey Ballet
**Trainee of the Academy of Dance, Official School of The Joffrey Ballet

Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow' Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow'
Yumelia Garcia and Graham Maverick in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow' Yumelia Garcia and Graham Maverick in Joffrey Ballet's 'The Merry Widow'

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  1. I love the Joffrey but am tired of seeing the same artists over and over. There are 42 talented dancers in the company, can’t Mr. Wheater switch it up once and while? It’s getting alittle stale.

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