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As of yesterday afternoon, this blog has registered an amazing quarter-million unique hits.  And as we’re now averaging over 1,000 unique hits a day, we’re on track to attain a half-million hits by the end of September!

I’d like to thank my amazingly talented writers, past and present, for all of their consistently insightful work:

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And I’d like to thank all of our passionate readers.  When starting this site, my goal was to 1. cover every multiple-performance show in Chicago, and 2. in turn, entice more people into experiencing the wonderful world of Chicago theatre.  I think we’re fairly close to accomplishing this goal – so thank you.  By the way, there’s much more to come, including more original video content, so please come back.  Often. 🙂

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WTF? Steppenwolf’s Patrick Andrew is gonna kick Tracy Letts’ ass!?!

Actor Patrick Andrews gets pumped up for “stage violence” day



Opening this Saturday, December 12th, Steppenwolf Theatre presents American Buffalo, written by David Mamet, directed by ensemble member Amy Morton, featuring ensemble members Francis Guinan and Tracy Letts with Patrick Andrews.


Earlier weirdness:



Also, the director and cast discuss their thoughts regarding American Buffalo, also Tracy Letts’ discusses his creative process.