Random thoughts: Mozart, Michelle Obama, the office refrigerator


Pretty cool – Two newly discovered pieces of music written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a child were just performed in the Austrian city of his birth, Salzburg.


  • Ahhh…the joys of the dysfunctional office.  I can definitely see someone leaving a note like this (from Passive-Aggressive Notes) in the fridge at my work.  Makes me glad to be on vacation until the end of the month!!!!

Random thoughts: School theatre-trips cancelled, “Bruno” banned, “Harry Potter” Vatican-approved

  • Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno has officially been banned by the Ukranian culture minister, saying that “Bruno presents an “artistically unjustified exhibition of sexual organs and sexual relations, homosexual acts in a blatantly graphic form, obscene language, sadism,” and “anti-social behavior which could damage the moral upbringing of our citizens.”       (hmmm…sounds like fun to me….LOL) 


Random Thoughts: road-rage, rabbit obsessions, see-through frogs, crowd-surfing dangers


  • Chicago and road-rage: according to a new study, Chicago motorists have moved from being the 8th angriest drivers in the country to 14th angriest. Hmmm…this study must have overlooked my brother….
A new study proclaims  that crowd-surfing can be a dangerous, especially if you have protruding body-piercings. (who knew?)

transparent-frog Unlike our government and its lack of transparency, a new transparent frog has been discovered (that’s smaller than a fingernail).  Kinda cool, huh?

  • Angela’s note to “Ash” started out sweet, but then kind of goes off track.Kinda-nice-not

Random Thoughts: Paris Hilton, Hannah Montana, and a cockatoo dancing to the Back Street Boys


  • Paris Hilton is so confused.  When asked about swine flu, she replied "I don’t eat that".  Um, okay…
  • A Back Street Boys lovin’ cockatoo???  Snowball the Cockatoo loves to dance to the Back Street Boys, and other songs that he rates as “having a good beat and easy to dance to" I wonder if Bob Fosse could have taught him a thing or two??

Random Thoughts – Dungeons and Dragons, Frumpy Singers, Hungry Polar Bears – Oh My!

  • Looks like there’s a designer catfight regarding Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.  Watch out for the flying stilettos!!


  • Take a middle-aged frumpy matron, put her on “Britain’s Got Talent”, have her sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miz, and you get an amazing and touching performance guaranteed to make you smile and maybe even shed a joyful tear.  
  • Dungeons and Dragons – I have no idea how to play it, but – judging from the intensity I have seen at coffee houses from the role-playing game’s fans – it is worth noting that the co-creator of the game, Dave Arneson, has died at the tender age of 61.  What better way to live your life than to bring fun to millions of D&D enthusiasts.
  • Where do you find a course dedicated to teaching one how to create a viral video?  At Northwestern, it seems: YouTubing 101.   How fun is that?  (so, do they let people sit in???)

A beautifully imperfect love:

Random Thoughts – Jonas Brothers ‘n Stuff

Is silver the new black???

  • I’m saddened to hear that the Borders on Michigan Ave. will be closing within the next year.  😦    This has been my hangout whenever friends/family come to visit, and want to shop ALL day on Michigan Avenue.  Now where do I seek refuge?

target_bullseyeSeeing how much Target contributes to the local arts scene, I promise (for Lent?) to do more of my shopping there.  For example, check out Target’s 2-for-1 ticket deals at Congo Square, Steppenwolf, and Lookingglass Theatre, as well as $20 Sundays at Goodman


Jonas Brothers skit on Saturday Night Live

Sears Tower photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune.