Review: Red Ink’s “ObamaNation: Revised Edition!”

Despite fast dancing, ObamaNation! takes the easy road.


Red Ink Theatre presents:

ObamaNation: Revised Edition! 

by 4 Days Late
directed by Erin Lane
thru November 20th (buy tickets)

reviewed by Paige Listerud

Red Ink Theatre, which delivered strong monologues from its actor/writers in its summer remount of iAlone, hasn’t pulled together the comedy revue it aspires to with their 4 Days Late production of ObamaNation! Revised Edition. A Second City-style revue with song and dance numbers critiquing the growing liberal dismay with the Obama administration, ObamaNation! comes across as grossly incomplete and flat.

ObamaNationRevisedPCFront[1] The revue still dwells on the surface disappointment over the recent state of non-change in US policy, both foreign and domestic. ObamaNation! doesn’t dig any deeper to explore why we would set our hopes so messianically high on Obama, only to have them inevitably dashed. Or why we believed that life under a bought-and-paid-for Congress would be different just because the Democrats hold the majority.

Furthermore, it’s a revue that pulls all its punches. Perhaps the comics are under the same fear of being accused of racism that they bring up during the show or maybe there is still not enough skill to turn heavy and significant matter into light, fast, wicked satire.

The best that can be said is that dancing to hit tunes as political commentary is probably the most successful feature of the revue. In which case, a special nod goes to choreographer John Gilmour and the efforts of those in the troupe who selected the songs. As for written material, it’s back to the drawing board for another revision. Most comedy evolves from pain. Perhaps 4 Days Late needs to delve into the pain of hope denied.

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