Winner of the “Best Typo Ever”


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Something this ironic only happens on the internet…

Web advertising uses software that matches ads with the content on the user’s page.  Unfortunately, sometimes this method isn’t a panacea.  Here’s a screenshot of an ignorant interesting anti-gay op-ed from the Wasilla Frontiersman (Ms. Palin’s hometown newspaper) that features an inserted ad for a gay networking site in the body of the text!!  How rich is that!!??


I spotted this on Andrew Sullivan’s uber-popular blog, with Sullivan adding:

Which just goes to prove, after all, that the Anti-Christ is almost certainly on Manhunt.

To paraphrase this for my blog:

If the Anti-Christ is gay, then the theatre is full of devils.

Star in the making? “Kittens inspired by Kittens”

Ran across this video over at Andrew Sullivan‘s blog, The Daily Dish.  Take a look/listen and see if you don’t agree with me that this girl was meant to be an actress.  She has all of the inflections down (like the 3 varying screams!  LOL), as well as a ginormous amount of creativity.  And very, very funny, and as cute as can be.  Love it!

Mental Health Break – The Creepiest Throw-Pillow

The Creepiest Throw-Pillow


Only in Japan, I guess ….

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan‘s “The Daily Dish