Tell me it isn’t so! A "Phantom of the Opera" sequel??

Okay, I know that there’s millions of people out there that love “The Phantom of the Opera“, but I definitely am not one of them.  I found/find it horrifically boring (sorry Andrew Lloyd Webber).  And the movie was even worse.  I believe my loathing of this show also has something to do with Sarah Brightman‘s grating high-notes.

So I’m *petrified* to think that they are now planning a sequel.  (okay, maybe not petrified, but – at the very least – aghast).  It will be titled “Phantom: Love Never Dies”.  I think a more apropos title might be “Phantom: Boring and Boringer”. 🙂   Well, at least it will no doubt enjoy a long run, assuring a lot of actors some lengthy employment. 


A new “Phantom of the Opera” is coming to Broadway, and beyond. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber told the Times of London on Sunday that “the button is pushed” on a sequel to the world’s most successful musical.

He plans to open “Phantom: Love Never Dies” at the end of 2009, with a historic simultaneous opening in three cities — on Broadway in New York, in London’s West End, and potentially in Shanghai. Such an opening would be groundbreaking.

“I don’t think you could do this if it wasn’t the sequel to Phantom,” he told the paper. “We’ve been into the feasibility of rehearsing three companies at once and opening very fast in the three territories. The one which really interests me [in the Far East] would be China … I think to open ‘Love Never Dies’ in Shanghai would be an enormous thing.”

The follow-up to “Phantom,” which debuted in 1986 with Michael Crawford in the lead role, will take place a decade after the original, with the story set on Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

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