Sunday Sondheim: Raul Esparza and cast sing Side By Side (from Company)

Raúl Esparza and cast sing "Side By Side By Side" from the 2006 revival of Stephen Sondheim‘s Company.  This video is an excerpt from the highly recommended 2008 PBS DVD "Company."



In 2007, Company won Tony Awards for "Best Revival of a Musical" and "Best Direction of a Musical (John Doyle)." Raúl was nominated for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. The original 1970 production was nominated for 12 Tony awards and won 6 of them.

Interesting comment exchange


Ok., can someone explain why Raúl goes blank after his little kazoo bit and why he looks like he just came to a huge realization? 5 months ago


  • well, his kazoo playing was not answered by a woman; when all the other men played their instruments they were answered by a woman. 4 months ago


    Bobby is the eternal bachelor. Everyone had a "response" from their spouse except him (as he’s single)…the "Side By Side" and "What Would I Do Without You" aspect that is reinforced as he is beside no one… 2 months ago


    It’s the realization he has no one to "play against." This part of the song is a form of call and response where the husband plays first and the wife next. Bobby clearly expects someone to jump in there but no one does and it’s a continuation of Bobby’s journey into possibly entertainiing something permanent. 2 months ago

    SNS: Elaine Stritch sings The Little Things You Do Together

    Sunday Night Sondheim: “The Little Things You Do Together

    In the recording studio with Stephen Sondheim, recording the cast album for “Company”.  In the recording you’ll see a much younger Sondheim.  One question for Sondheim fans, who is the guy that gives instructions before the recording begins? Is this the book writer of Company?

    Elaine Stritch sings "The Little Things You Do Together" from the original production of Stephen Sondheim’s Company in 1970.


    A few YouTube comments of note:

    1. i love how elaine just commands the room and listens to the other actors as well.

    2. Elaine is just being Elaine. She always has to be the center of attention, even now she still doubts her own talents, I would guess. Only proves no one ever gets to be the person they always wanted to be, even when everyone says they’re the best.

           2a. bold statement, do you know Elaine personally i wonder?

           2b. Well said.

    3. I don’t think I would be that upset if 70’s styles came back in fashion.

    4. Is that Barbara Barrie in the sunglasses?? She’s great!

    5. If you look closely you will see Beth Howland singing who played Vera on Alice


    Sunday Night Sondheim – “You Could Drive A Person Crazy” – Bernadette Peters

    I know, this now is the 2nd week in a row for Bernadette, but can you ever get too much?  This recording is from a live concert in Royal Festival Hall London.

    Sunday Night Sondheim: Bernadette sings a soaring “Being Alive”

    Bernadette Peters sings “Being Alive” from Company at the “Hey Mr. Producer” concert, spring 2007.  She looks damn good at 59! (being that this was sung 2 years ago, she’s now at least 61!).

    Sunday Night Sondheim: Donna McKechnie sings “Tick Tock” from “Company” (1993)

    “Tick Tock” from Company (1993)

    Donna McKechnie recreates (in a shortened form) her “Tick Tock” dance, choreographed by Michael Bennett, for a Company reunion concert in 1993.

    Company, with a book by George Furth and music/lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, debuted on Broadway on April 26, 1970.  It was among the first musicals to deal with adult problems throughout its story and music.

    Sunday Night Sondheim – Recording Session of "Company"

    Found this absolutely great video!!  It’s a clip from the cast album recording of the original production of Sondheim’s “Company” – specifically “I’m Not Getting Married Today”.  (Note the hair styles – definitely 1970’s) The clip starts out with Harold Prince talking about the show, then goes into the recording studio where we see a young Stephen Sondheim assisting in coaching the singers.  It’s thrilling to be a bug on the wall watching creative minds hard at work.


    Sunday Night Sondheim – “Ladies Who Lunch” – Elaine Stritch

    “The Ladies Who Lunch” as sung by Elaine Stritch.