Sunday Sondheim: A Weekend in the Country

I think this first-act finale is one of the finest writing Sondheim has every done.  From A Little Night Music, here’s Beverly Lambert, Michel Maguire, Maureen Moore, Regina Resnik, Kevin Anderson, Susan Terry and Danielle Ferland -  among other cast members – performing “A Weekend in the Country” at the Lincoln Center, 1990.

Sunday Night Sondheim: Act I, Part 1 of “Into The Woods”

Into The Woods, Act I, Part 1

Starring: Chip Zien- Baker, Joanna Gleason- Baker’s Wife, Bernadette Peters- Witch, Tom Aldredge- Narrator/Mysterious Man, Kim Crosby- Cinderella, Ben Wright- Jack, Danielle Ferland- Little Red, Robert Westenberg- Cinderella’s Prince, Pamela Winslow- Rapunzel, Chuck Wagner- Rapunzel’s Prince