Think fast: Blue Moon Ball, Debbie Reynolds, Backstage Theatre’s “On An Average Day”


Memorial Day Special from Backstage Theatre Company

After several years with no contact, two brothers are reunited in the stinking kitchen of their decrepit childhood home. Bob, a sociopathic slob, is currently standing trial, while his older brother Jack seems successful and disciplined. Both are nursing personal demons and one holds the sobering truth behind their haunted upbringing. With echoes of Shepard's True West, this modern tale of two estranged brothers uses poetic imagery and razor-sharp dialogue to drive home it's dramatic conclusion.On An Average Day
by John Kolvenbach

Jeff Recommended!

Memorial Day Sale!  All performances this weekend are only $15


No special codes needed!  Simply show up at the door or purchase “Memorial Weekend Discount” tickets online.  Tonight to kick the weekend off; Saturday after the barbecue; any show, EVERY show between now and Sunday is $5 off. 

Performing at Chemically Imbalanced Theater, 1420 W Irving Park
Directed by New Artistic Director, Matthew Reeder


Dinner, Swing & Fire! Dinner at Galleria Marchetti, Gypsy swing with


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One of my favorite movies of all time is “Singing In The Rain”, so it’s exciting to hear that Debbie Reynolds will be performing this summer at Drury Lane Oakbrook on August 6-9 (along with music director Joey Singer)! Visit for more info. Maybe I’ll see you there…