"Jersey Boys" – no smoking allowed!

It’s official – all smoking scenes in Chicago’s long-running Broadway hit, Jersey Boys, have been snuffed out.  Chicago’s smoking ban does not offer exemptions for indoor performances, and – unlike many American cities – also does not allow for any type of substitutions, such as clove cigarettes (which is a common practice in many theatres around the country). 

A theatrical telling of the rise of Frankie Valli and his singing group, it is natural that the characters would smoke in certain scenes, just as they did in real life.  Unfortunately a theatre patron lodged a complaint with the city, so the smoking scenes had to be rewritten and restaged.  (some people just need to have something to complain about, you know?)

The New York and London version of Jersey Boys cast will continue with the smoking scenes, as these cities have indoor smoking bans that offer exemptions for theatrical performances

"Jersey Boys", now playing at the Bank of America Theatre in downtown Chicago .