10 Years later – Remembering Gene Siskel

genesmiling-thumb-200x261 While scanning through the Sun-Times a few days ago, I had one of those “wow, time goes fast” moments.  It seems like just a few years ago that the much-admired Chicago movie critic Gene Siskel passed away.  But, as Roger Ebert‘s poignant article says, Siskel’s death was actually 10 years ago!  I always liked seeing Mr. Siskel on the television; he always exuded great intellect combined with a Buckingham-Fountain-sized heart.  It’s such a great tribute that the Gene Siskel Film Center serves as his biggest legacy.

Although cinema was Siskel’s biggest passion, he also was a big supporter of arts in Chicago.     Gene Siskel, R.I.P.

Roger Ebert’s entire article, “Remember Gene” can be read here.

Gene Siskel Film Center, located on State Street in Chicago's Loop.

top photo courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times.