Sanity Break: Gotta Share! Improv social media musical

Love this! A musical breaks out at the tech conference in New York. A speaker is suddenly interrupted by a man who refuses to turn off his cell phone. Knowing how our society has become so “I-have-to-share-everything-about-my-life”, this really hits the funny bone.


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Mental Health Break: “Grocery Store Musical”

ImprovEverywhere is at it again, this time at a grocery store:



Check out another similar “project”, this time with Julie Andrews at the

Antwerp Train Station.


“Food Court Musical” – Sondheim’s current project!

Okay, I’m not sure whether or not it’s Sondheim’s current project, but it certainly sounds like something he’d write…  🙂  Either way, this is a really fun video.  I especially like the staging with the food court trays.  Didn’s they do this in “Grease”????