Barack Obama musical Hope! set to open in Germany



Hope! – a musical based on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign – will be hitting the stage in Germany next month.

The video above shows some highlights from the show, including a big rock song sung by John McCain. Surprisingly, a Sarah Palin character does not make an appearance in the video, but she no doubt will have be a big supporting actor in the production. (fyi: it’s interesting to note that in the cast list below the fold, the same actress is playing the parts of both Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton.  hmmm…..)

It’s been rumored that the creator of the musical, American producer Randall Hutchins, had the idea for this show right at the beginning of Obama’s campaign.

Visit the website for Hope! here

Click on “Read more” for complete list of the Hope! cast.

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“Barack Obama – The Musical”

Location: Obama’s National Headquarters, Chicago, IL   
Date: Monday, November 3rd  
Music: 1st Act Finale, “Les Miserables”. 
Performers: Employees, Barack Obama National Headquarters
Director: JD Walsh



Aside: Can you imagine the McCain headquarters being so creative and fun??