Mental Health Break: The Adventures of Dog Fort

Dogfort Dog Fort

The internet is full of pics and videos of cats and dogs wearing cute clothes, chasing their tales, driving a car, pouncing at themselves in the mirror, etc. But at, what started out as a photoshopped picture of a dog in a kid’s fort (made of pillows and a blanket), became a full-fledged cartoon strip of Dog Fort vs. Al Cata (or dogs vs. terrorist cats).  Sophomoric pet humor using detective-show clichés – hilarious!  (h/t

Check out the site here. Here’s a few examples.


Dog Fort DogFort Sniper in Watermelon Patch

Did you know that Dog Fort saved Christmas??! 

(see below)


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Winner of the “Best Typo Ever”


h/t: Daily What » Daily Dish

Musical scene from “Naked Viking – The Musical”

Here’s a song sung by Viking character “Egor” from the concept musical “Naked Viking – The Musical”.  Enjoy.


Rumor has it that this is possibly on the docket for Broadway in Chicago’s 2011 season, but this has yet to be verified.  🙂

Aaahh, aren’t they cute….





Take that Blue Man Group!!!


Take that Blue Man Group!!



Mental Health Break

….the best medicine!

Speaking of “Mary Poppins”…..

While doing some surfing on YouTube, I found this hilarious trailer for “Scary Mary”.  Very funny!