College Watch – "Intimate Apparel" at Loyola

I recently received an e-mail from a publicist at Loyola University, asking me to post info on their upcoming show, Intimate Apparel, by Lynn Nottage.  As I have yet to cover theater within Chicago area universities, I was a bit undecided whether or not to make the postings.  But then it occurred to me that, for many, the love of live theater actually occurs in upper education, so why not?  In fact, I’d love to have a person on my blogging team that covers the college theater-scene; probably not reviews as much as just wassup.  So if anyone out there (or someone you know) might be intrigued by this, let me know… 

So here you go:



Production: Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage directed by Jonathan Wilson
Synopsis: Set in New York City in 1905, the play follows a young African-American
seamstress, Esther Mills, and the trials she faces creating undergarments for a wide array of clientele, ranging from upper class white women to prostitutes. 
Performance Dates: September 26–October 5, 2008
Thursday through Saturday performances taking place at 7:30 p.m. and
Sunday performances at 2:00 p.m. 
Location: Loyola University’s Kathleen Mullady Theatre is located just a crosswalk away from the Loyola “L” stop on the Red Line.
More info: