Sanity Break: 7 year-old “Mini-Monet” takes art world by storm



While most kids Kieron’s age are still trying to color inside the lines, Kieron Williamson’s art is selling out, and at top dollar.

British media has coined the prodigy as "Mini Monet," who has got the impressionist style of his namesake down pat. And the world is starting to notice: All of his paintings (33 in all) in his most recent collection of oil and watercolor paintings sold for $236,850 to customers as far away as South Africa – in in less than 35 minutes!

Kieron didn’t really begin painting until he was five, and his family says he has yet to fully understand the financial rewards of his work. (Ediotor’s Note: though I’m sure his parents have…)

Watch the news report on the child-prodigy above.