Barack Obama musical Hope! set to open in Germany



Hope! – a musical based on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign – will be hitting the stage in Germany next month.

The video above shows some highlights from the show, including a big rock song sung by John McCain. Surprisingly, a Sarah Palin character does not make an appearance in the video, but she no doubt will have be a big supporting actor in the production. (fyi: it’s interesting to note that in the cast list below the fold, the same actress is playing the parts of both Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton.  hmmm…..)

It’s been rumored that the creator of the musical, American producer Randall Hutchins, had the idea for this show right at the beginning of Obama’s campaign.

Visit the website for Hope! here

Click on “Read more” for complete list of the Hope! cast.

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Wednesday Wordplay – Sarah Palin-isms


Sarah Palin Effect

The principal that expertise on a certain subject can be gained through geographical proximity to it.

In Use: Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is a proclaimed expert on foreign affairs with Russia due to Alaska`s proximity to Russia and can thus be called the "Sarah Palin Effect"


Pullin’ a Palin

Quitting when the going gets tough; abandoning the responsibility entrusted to you by your neighbors for book advances and to make money on the lecture circuit.

What Sarah Palin *really* wanted to say


Something this ironic only happens on the internet…

Web advertising uses software that matches ads with the content on the user’s page.  Unfortunately, sometimes this method isn’t a panacea.  Here’s a screenshot of an ignorant interesting anti-gay op-ed from the Wasilla Frontiersman (Ms. Palin’s hometown newspaper) that features an inserted ad for a gay networking site in the body of the text!!  How rich is that!!??


I spotted this on Andrew Sullivan’s uber-popular blog, with Sullivan adding:

Which just goes to prove, after all, that the Anti-Christ is almost certainly on Manhunt.

To paraphrase this for my blog:

If the Anti-Christ is gay, then the theatre is full of devils.