Sunday Sondheim: A Weekend in the Country

I think this first-act finale is one of the finest writing Sondheim has every done.  From A Little Night Music, here’s Beverly Lambert, Michel Maguire, Maureen Moore, Regina Resnik, Kevin Anderson, Susan Terry and Danielle Ferland -  among other cast members – performing “A Weekend in the Country” at the Lincoln Center, 1990.

Sunday Night Sondheim – ‘The Miller’s Son’

Sondheim’s lyrics – besides being well-crafted – are often just fun to say.  One of my favorite examples:


“It’s a very short road from the pinch and the punch,
To the paunch and the pouch and the pension.
It’s a very short road from the ten-thousandth lunch,
To the belch and the grouch and the sigh.”
“In the meanwhile,
There are mouths to be kissed before mouths to be fed.
And a lot in between in the meanwhile.
And a girl ought to celebrate what passes by.”

This is a wonderful clip from the New York Opera in their 1990 production of A Little Night Music, featuring Susan Terry as Petra: