4 Days Late presents: American in Peril!



4 Days Late Presents: Americans in Peril!

Who:  4 Days Late

What: An evening of Sketch Comedy

When:  Friday Nights, 10:00pm

Sept. 24 – Nov. 12th

Where:   Studio BE, 3110 N. Sheffield

Tickets:  $12, available at the door. Cash Only.

4 Days Late, the group once described as “a drunken professor taking a leak on a Norman Rockwell painting”, presents: Americans in Peril! We Americans live in a time of extreme comfort and danger, and 4 Days Late thinks it’s hilarious. Come! Drink, laugh and enjoy true American privilege. Whether they’re using specially formulated lotion to erase bad life choices, suggesting plastic surgery for a fetus, or performing Jersey Shore: The Musical, 4 Days late allows the audience to laugh at themselves and their country.



4 Days Late’s first production, Time to Stop Worrying, which stood fearless in the face of absent reviewers, opened at The Spot and was concluded with a sold-out performance at Chicago Sketchfest, 2008. Their second revue, America for Dummies, ran through the fall of 2008 at The Apollo Theater, and was also concluded with a sold-out performance at Chicago Sketchfest ’09. Their last revue, ObamaNation, opened at the Apollo Theater in April of ’09, and was remounted at The Playground in the fall. This show also concluded with a highly successful performance at Chicago Sketchfest ’10.

4 Days Late was founded by Erin Lane. She has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Columbia College Chicago and has graduated from the Second City Conservatory, iO and Annoyance Productions. She has been performing professionally for over 10 years and has been directing in Chicago for two.

More info at www.facebook.com/4dayslatecomedy.

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