Brikenbrak Theatre Project presents "Bash" from Oct 7-31

Brikenbrak Theatre Project presents


by Neil LaBute

Brikenbrak Theatre Project’s first Chicago season continues with a production of Neil Labute’s blistering drama “Bash”, performing October 7th-31st, Thursdays-Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 3pm at The Viaduct Theatre, 3111 N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618. Tickets are $15 dollars. To purchase tickets, contact The Viaduct Theatre at 773-296-6024, and for more information, log on to

What kind of secrets lie within the most ordinary of people? The businessman, the college student, the stay at home mom…the people you see every day can harbor monstrous secrets in their hearts. “Bash” is an examination of horrific truths in three short plays.

LaBute is a master of the American vernacular, and The New York Times hailed “Bash” as “transfixing” and “darkly engrossing”. Brikenbrak ramps up the intensity, literally putting audience members in the hot seat; each play will feature a random audience member to be placed as the role of sin eater, seated directly across from the confessor in each story. Through facing the secrets of others, one is forced to examine the secrets that are buried within one’s own heart.

Along with a gripping performance, Brikenbrak is offering the chance for audiences to see work from up and coming artists in Chicago. Painters, sculptors, even installation artists have come together to create a gallery based on the theme of “secrets”. The gallery will be open for display when the doors open a half hour before each performance.

The press and special guests are invited to the opening reception for the show on Thursday, October 7th. Food will be served before the show at the grand opening of the “Secrets” gallery. Tickets for the reception and show on October 7th are 20 dollars.

Continuing its first season in Chicago (after two summer seasons in Indiana), Brikenbrak Theatre Project is devoted to producing intellectual theatre that challenges not only ourselves, but the perspectives of our audiences. We do this by choosing shows that lend themselves to in depth thought and discussion. We take our ideas beyond the stage, addressing the audience directly. We end each performance of each show with a discussion with the entire cast and crew.

“Bash”, directed by Paul Cosca and produced by Gorilla Tango Capital, stars April Taylor, Cliff Ingram, Kirby Brown, and Graham Jenkins.

For more information or to schedule a review, please contact Paul Cosca at or 312-806-3506.

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