Genesis Theatrical presents Yearwood play staged reading

Genesis Theatrical Productions will present a staged reading of the new play A Natural History of Mozart Street by Pauline Yearwood on Monday, October 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm at Emanuel Congregation, 5959 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago.

The play is based on the real -life history of Leonard Dubkin, Pauline Yearwood’s father, whose ambition to become a naturalist mystified and horrified his immigrant Jewish parents in the early 1900s. The play details how the teenager, with help from a fiery socialist editor and from Chicago social reformer Jane Addams, overcomes family and personal conflicts  and his own status as an outsider and finds a way to potentially realize his dream.

Yearwood uses excerpts from her father’s diaries within the play.

Pauline Yearwood is the Managing Editor of Chicago Jewish News. Her father went on to write  six books about nature in the city and to write a nature column first for the Chicago Tribune and then, for many years, the Lerner Newspapers.

The reading will be directed by Brian Plocharczyk and features Alex Turner, Chris Heckman, Brian LeTraunik, Cory Krebsbach, Barb Eulenberg, Allison Torf and Alex RadtkeKatie Horwitz will read the stage directions.

The reading is open to the public and is free.

Genesis Theatrical Productions seeks to find and develop new works that help to further communication in a global society.  The theater’s first mainstage production will be the musical “From Generation to Generation” which will open in March of 2011 at Stage 773 (formerly The Theatre Building).

For more information about Genesis Theatrical Productions, go to

Genesis would like to thank Charlotte Newberger and Rabbi Michael Zedek for their support.

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