Octavarius: So Nefarious – opens Sept. 12 at ComedySportz

Octavarius, a Chicago Improv Group, opens:

Octavarius: So Nefarious

at Comedysportz Theatre

Sundays at 7pm Starting September 12 for Seven Weeks

Octavarius, a Chicago comedy group, opens seven week run Octavarius: So Nefarious,” Sundays at 7pm, starting September 12, at the ComedySportz Theatre Chicago.

We are excited to perform our first headlining run at ComedySportz. It’s like the national brand is giving our independent group a thumbs up,” says Brian Wohl, Octavarius’ Vice President of Improv Operations.

Octavarius, runner-up of Chicago Reader‘s 2010 Readers’ Poll “Best Sketch/Improv Troupe,” will perform its original form: The Nefarious. The 30-40 minute show is made-up on the spot, based on audience suggestion. Classic short form improv games emerge organically from the Chicago style long form show.

It’s like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Jackson Pollock, and Con Air had a baby,” says Marc Muszynski , President of Octavarius. “We wanted a show that was fast and exciting, but still had the artful magic that Chicago improv does so well.”

More about the Show

Each Sunday show has a different theme. Octavarius’ first headlining run “A Hair Away from Disaster,” performed at the Cornservatory, utilized such themes as Sportscasters, 1990s Nickelodeon, James Bond and the Old West.

On the Monday before the show, Octavarius releases an hour long podcast inspired by that week’s theme. Throughout the week leading up to the show, Octavarius riffs on the theme with posts on Octavarius.com

Each Sunday, the team dresses to the week’s theme and presents related sketches between acts. Any audience members also dressed to the theme will receive tickets at a discounted rate of $7, from the standard $10.

For more information, please visit Octavarius.com, or contact Robin Clement at robin@octavarius.com.

About Octavarius

Octavarius, a Chicago comedy group, began its mission in March 2009 to find fun everywhere its tentacles can reach. They share that fun with the world through live improv shows, blog posts, videos, weekly podcasts and music. In some combination, the performers have been improvising together since 2003. As Octavarius, they’ve played all over Chicago, including gigs at The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago and a headlining run at the Cornservatory entitled “Octavarius: A Hair Away From Disaster.” Octavarius won runner-up for Chicago Reader‘s 2010 Readers’ Poll “Best Sketch/Improv Troupe,” and was covered in Time Out Chicago‘s blog.

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  1. these guys are awesome. SO NEFARIOUS!

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